The KEC has two overriding responsibilities, these are:

  • Supporting our students in respect of career development and employability, helping them to become work-ready;
  • Secondly, we offer a range of curricular support activities, events and occasions.

These twin requirements inform the output by the KEC Team.

In respect of employability and career development, students gain knowledge and skills in every aspect of the process, from selecting an employer whose outlook and ethos is a close match to the student’s own, through the application process with workshops focussed on CV and Cover Letter Writing, for example, and forward thinking such as etiquette in meetings and within the workplace.

With curricular workshops and field trips, the focus was not limited to the subjects that were being taught, but also included additional topics such as use of the VLE and Teams software; use of Microsoft Programmes; study planning tips; research and referencingand so forth.