Webinar a new venture for the Knowledge Exchange Centre

Webinar a new venture for the Knowledge Exchange Centre

The Knowledge Exchange centre’s objective is to create a space where students and small to medium sized enterprises can get some benefit from Nelson College London and its expertise. With this in mind it was decided to create an online webinar so that students could take part in this particular workshop/webinar no matter where they were at the time even from the comfort of their own home.

Bekhzod Klichev offered to write and carry out our first webinar which was decided on as “Microsoft office ” covering both “Word” and “Excel”, they are both used extensively by students and businesses alike.

The first webinar took place on the 19th October and saw 31 people sitting at their computers all enthralled by the expert tuition of Bekhzod and very soon the chat board was red hot with questions and answers. The first webinar got fantastic feedback from all users who all graded the session very highly let’s hope they spread the word amongst our students.

The second webinar took place the following week on Thursday 26th October covering “Excel” and was again attended by 26 people from the library and other remote sites, Bekhzod said “this was  a really lively session now that students had got the hang of webinar.

This is pretty contemporary stuff with Nelson College being one of the first Colleges to introduce this type of learning to their students. Looking forward to our next webinar, see you there.

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