The Career Dose: AI CV Review Tools. The Future of Recruitment?

An AI CV[1] Reviewing tool is a great way to simplify the recruitment process. Many renowned companies use this kind of mechanism to source the most suitable candidates for their establishments. Taking the time to put your CV through a CV reviewer tool before sending it off to a company is a smart way to go and it may well lead to your CV being shortlisted!

So why have AI CV reviewers been so popular? And why are so many businesses endorsing this mechanism as a part of their recruitment process? Well for starters from a business perspective it is very cost-effective and skips so many other costs that would be involved, for example, labour, rent and so forth. It also allows for shorter time-to-hire. Or in other words, the total time spent to fill an open job position. The recruitment process entails many different activities such as the actual job positing itself, recruiter salaries, job advertising costs, promotion of that job post, sourcing, evaluating, shortlisting, interviewing (perhaps psychometric testing) and finally hiring the right candidate (and, perhaps, relocation expenses). Therefore, the AI CV Reader can take cost out of this equation, by removing a large part of the evaluating and shortlisting process. The benefit, therefore, is that it allows for lower cost-per-hire, which is the total investment needed to recruit a new employee.

Clearly this tool can benefit businesses greatly in the short term and also in the long term, but how can it benefit you? Well putting your CV through a CV tracker speeds up the time you would spend editing and improving your CV manually, the CV tracker will check your CV for grammar mistakes and other smaller details you may have missed. The CV tracker tool will usually provide suggestions afterwards on how to make your CV stand out, such as the number of white spaces visible, the last time the CV was updated, the content of your profile and other crucial details.

All in all, it is clear to see why so many businesses have introduced AI CV Reviewers into their selection and recruitment process. Equally, it is clear to see how we as users can benefit from this tool. The future of recruitment is unclear and constantly changing according to our environment and also technology so whether it can be classed as the future of recruitment is uncertain, but what we do know is that that the CV Reviewer tool is a sharp contender where recruitment tools are concerned.

NCL will be introducing a new AI CV Reviewer tool to our students very soon, so keep an eye out!



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[1] Artificial Intelligence Curriculum Vitae

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