The Career Dose #7: Career Pathways in depth

So, it would make sense to dissect exactly what a career pathway actually is to begin with. A career pathway is not as straightforward and as obvious as our normal day to day pathways we use to get to our destinations. It comes with many strings attached, such as the kind of support we receive to move up on the career ladder. Many times, actually making the first step onto a career pathway can be made tricky if management from your current role fail to recognise your professional development, amongst other setbacks. However, there are solutions and ways around these kinds of setbacks. You will usually fall into one of the following categories when it comes to career seekers:

  1. Those just getting their careers started.
  2. Employed individuals who have been trekking down a particular path but are now looking to make a career change and forge a new path.
  3. Individuals seeking to continue down their current career path but are in need of career support and guidance.

To ultimately achieve your dream career, you need to think strategically. The jobs you take on should essentially be a lead up to your dream career. There are many benefits from planning your career pathway, such as:

  • It stops you from taking on irrelevant jobs that have no longevity. Once you have a clear pathway mapped out, it allows you to ask questions such as: Is my current role leading me in the direction I want to go?
  • Clearly identify skill gaps. By knowing your end goal, you will consequently understand the skills and knowledge needed to progress.
  • When we are in a job that has little prospect, we tend to be solely motivated by a paycheck. Money is great and all, but career fulfillment and satisfaction comes from so much more than a measly paycheck.

Clearly, you wouldn’t go on a road trip, let alone plan one without knowing where you were going, right? Well, it is exactly the same where mapping out your career pathway is concerned.  Remember, it is not set in stone! There will be traffic, potholes and shortcuts along the way, just remember to stay consistent and focused on your pursuit in achieving your dream career.


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