Is your glass half full, or half empty?

It is a question of outlook, of course.  But it is something that might be applied to students when they are seeking a career or maybe some part-time employment whilst studying.

Wow, there are so many opportunities out there, I’m spoiled for choice (glass half full). 

I’ve got no chance of finding a job, I haven’t finished qualifying yet, my experience is limited, no one will want to employ me (glass half empty).

Well, I honestly think that the glass is definitely half full and our students should be looking to fill that glass completely!

Right now, nearly all hospitality venues are seeking to recruit staff as they emerge from the restrictions of the pandemic-dictated lockdown.  It has been quoted that the hospitality sector has lost some 700,000 staff during the pandemic; some staff have embarked upon alternative careers, others have returned to their home country.  The manager of my local pub asked me only last week if I knew of any chefs willing to work there, as he had no one.

It is the same throughout the country, with many businesses having to open on a skeleton staff and seeking to recruit to fill the gaps.  Job adverts in the hospitality industry have risen by 46% since the sector reopened for outdoor customers, on 12 April.  With further easing from  17 May, this will be further compounded.  Job adverts across all sectors have risen to 107% of their pre-Covid level!

There has never been a better time to seek work!  Either finding a full-time career or a part-time role to provide extra income, to support your studies.

So come on ALL OF YOU, stop reading this and swoop into action!  Now is the time to strike!

Better still, you are not actually on your own.  When I was a student myself, I remember struggling to write my own CV; it was very time consuming, seemed a bit hit and miss in its results and was only modestly successful – perhaps as I had difficulty finding what I should include, and what need not be included.  However, that has all changed for students at Nelson College.  We now provide each and every student with access to the NCL Careers Hub. This will assist you enormously in your quest for work, as it helps you to put together a quality CV (and then analyse the finished result), it also helps you to prepare for interview – and even helps you in finding a job.  Access the site here: NCLCareersHub

There has never been a better time to fill that glass.  Good luck.


Chris Davies

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