Employers Forum


Remit of the employers forum

In 2016 Nelson College London took the decision to employ an Employability and Workplace Manager specifically to help the Nelson Students with their quest for employment once they had finished their education with the college. A part of the job is to organise an annual employers forum between employers and students, the first of which was held last summer 2017. The forum is to provide a get together where “employment” can be discussed between both Employers and Students seeking Work.

Specifically the remit of the employers’ forum

The idea is to get potential employers and potential employees together so that both parties can learn more about each other and of course help our students on their way to
permanent employment.
1. To provide a forum where our students can freely question the employers on what is required by an Employer other than the qualifications when looking to recruit people.
2. To act as a conduit for pay and employment related matters on behalf of the employees
3. To be the formal decision making body when making employability decisions for Nelson College London.

The Role and Responsibilities of the forum

Proactively seeking the views and feedback of both employers and prospective employees in their areas of business. Identifying any progress and communicating it. Presenting and reporting to manager’s any relevant feedback in their areas of the college. The forum is open to all students, it is fully transparent to all. The feedback and minutes of the forum will be communicated to all via face book and You tube and will be endorsed by senior management.