Plan Your Future!

We’re dedicated to helping you plan your future, whether you are about to start your studies at NCL, halfway through your course or coming to the end of your time with NCL.

Here at the Knowledge Exchange Centre, we can help you find permanent work or temporary work placements.  We hold career-related events, as well as a variety of workshops aimed at improving your employability skills which are open to all all students throughout the year. These events are there to build your networking skills and help you develop a more professional mind-set, ready for the world of work.

Some of the career development services we offer to our students can be found below:

  • Career Advisors 
  • Annual Employers Forum 
  • Careers Information Pack (including CV and interview advice)
  • Career Focussed Workshops/ Fieldtrips

Work and study!

Work placements provide students with an opportunity to work 18 hours a week at NCL whilst continuing to study. This is a fantastic way to gain work experience around a flexible schedule that “fits in” with your studies and personal life.

Students can work here at NCL with our sister company, NCL Tours and gain experience in:

  • Marketing
  • Information Technology
  • Accounts
  • Travel Reservations

Gain new skills and perspectives!

The KEC organises workshops throughout the year that meet our student’s academic and employment requirements. It could be a presentation by a former Apprentice contestant or a presentation extolling the virtues of LinkedIn.  The workshops are varied and can be a great assistance to students in finding the jobs they want.

Upcoming workshops…

Workshop: Hospitality Operation

Date: Wednesday 27th November 2019- 10am

Guest presenter: Chris Davies

For: BA(Hons)Hospitality Management (Top up) Students- Room



Broaden your horizons!

The KEC organises field trips in conjunction with your courses allowing you to gain experiences outside of the four walls of a classroom. Trips to local and international places of interest.

Field trip: Hospitality Operations

Date: Wednesday 20th November 2019- 10.30am

Venue: Street Food Live 2019- Excel London, London E16 1XL

For: BA(Hons)Hospitality Management (Top up) Students-


Field trip: Business Operations

Date: Friday 22nd November 2019- 10.30am

Venue: Ideal Home Show Christmas, Olympia London

For: BA(Hons)Business (Top up) Students


Field trip: Strategic Planing in Hospitality Industry & Business Strategy

Date: Thursday 28th November 2019- 3.30pm

Venue: Winter Wonderland – Hyde Park

For: BA(Hons)Hospitality Management (Top up) Students  & BA(Hons) Business (Top Up) Students

Events to help mould your future!

Throughout the year the KEC will organise events for students to attend such as our Employers Forum, Open Days, Food Festivals.

Stay in touch with us!

Keep up-to-date with what is happening at NCL. Join alumni social events, network with fellow alumni, contribute to the future of the college and of its’ students by presenting a workshop.

This is the NCL KEC’s operational plan for its students in 2019.

KEC Brochure 2018-2019

to find list of our Workshops or visit event page.


The NCL Knowledge Exchange Centre will hold workshops throughout the year that will teach attendees how to make the most out of recent developments in technology to help their business excel. These will cover a wide range of topics from social media marketing, right through to using the latest applications in your day-to-day business.


The NCL Knowledge Exchange Centre can provide growing businesses with any facilities that they need to help them carry out their day-to-day tasks. We can provide access to computers, meeting rooms, training, market research, support with finding the best candidate and more.


We can provide your business with tailor-made IT systems and software that can help you to improve your day-to-day productivity, along with extensive training to get you confident in using them.


Cultural industries include industries that focus on cultural tourism and heritage, museums and libraries, sports and outdoor activities, and a variety of ‘way of life’ activities that arguably range from local pet shows to a host of hobbyist concerns.