Nelson College London

and NCL Tours

are proud to announce the launch of the NCL Knowledge Exchange Centre, an initiative set up for students and businesses in London. Our objective is to create a space where students and small to medium sized enterprises can get some benefit from Nelson College London and its expertise.

KEC Brochure 2018-2019

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The NCL Knowledge Exchange Centre will hold workshops throughout the year that will teach attendees how to make the most out of recent developments in technology to help their business excel. These will cover a wide range of topics from social media marketing, right through to using the latest applications in your day-to-day business.


The NCL Knowledge Exchange Centre can provide growing businesses with any facilities that they need to help them carry out their day-to-day tasks. We can provide access to computers, meeting rooms, training, market research, support with finding the best candidate and more.


We can provide your business with tailor-made IT systems and software that can help you to improve your day-to-day productivity, along with extensive training to get you confident in using them.


Cultural industries include industries that focus on cultural tourism and heritage, museums and libraries, sports and outdoor activities, and a variety of ‘way of life’ activities that arguably range from local pet shows to a host of hobbyist concerns.